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Here at FirstLine Development Group, we are firm believers in the idea that nothing better exemplifies personal responsibility than taking control of one's own safety. For many, knowing where to start can be challenging, so FirstLine sets out to help promote a training experience that is friendly and accessible for individuals from all walks of life. We have created a safe environment where ego takes the backseat. No grandstanding, no chest pounding, just practical application of the fundamental skills presented in a way that resonates with the student.

Check out our Core Values and staff information below to learn more.




A core value of FirstLine has to do with attitude.

Students: FirstLine does not allow bullying or unfriendly competition in classes and we work diligently to maintain a casual and fun experience for all.

Instructors: We foster an environment that encourages and builds students up. We detest vanity, we leave ego at the door and we never talk down to our students. We want to be sure you gain the information in a neighborly way that encourages personal growth.


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