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What You Need to Know

Public ranges would be the safest place in the world if it wasn't for the public. 

The necessity for Range Safety Officers (RSOs) cannot be understated. In our 15+ years of range supervision and management experience, FirstLine knows that when things go bad on the range, they go bad quickly. There is no time to wait, so there needs to be a professional there ready to respond. The RSO is the first line of defense against injuries, accidents, and damage to personal/business property. 

Another very important role of the RSO is that of a liaison to the shooting sports. The quality and commitment of an RSO can determine whether the shooter is going to enjoy their experience or walk away frustrated, annoyed, and unlikely to return. Having RSOs with the right attitude is crucial to not only the shooter's experience but to their outlook on the organization and on the 2nd Amendment as a whole. 

RSOs encounter a variety of diverse situations every day. This class can't possibly cover every possible scenario the RSO will experience, but it will provide the student with the mindset, skills, and attitude necessary to successfully manage a range environment. 

The National Rifle Association (NRA) RSO class is the national standard certification for any enthusiast that may want to know more about range operations, or just wants to be able to help keep their coworkers, businesses, fellow competitors, or friends/family safe while on the range. FirstLine Development Group strives to create attentive, knowledgeable RSOs that focus on the bigger picture - liability protection for the organization and the sanctity of the 2nd Amendment. 


1. You are not required to be an NRA member in order to be an RSO. The NRA will provide a non-member ID number in this case, but the processing time may be increased. 

2. The NRA requires a "rating" (certification) fee that is not included in the cost of this course. This fee can be paid by the individual RSO or the organization upon completion. Depending on member status and previous ratings held by the student, this fee ranges anywhere from $15-60 per student. With advanced arrangements and increased class tuition, FirstLine can pay this fee to provide an all-in-one service to the organization. 

What You Need to Bring

  • Your valid Driver License

  • Notepad and pen/pencil

  • Snacks and drinks - we will not break for a long lunch

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