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All FirstLine Development Group alumni are offered a discounted, locked-for-life rate when they use our link to sign up for Firearms Legal Protection. 

FirstLine understands that defending yourself does not end immediately after the incident is over. While we may have survived the immediate threat presented to us, there are almost guaranteed legal repercussions for any use of force. These types of incidents can lead to court proceedings costing thousands or even millions of dollars directly out of the self-defender's pocket. There is no denying that a criminal or civil defense is costly, time-consuming, and stressful for all involved.

FirstLine Development Group has partnered with Firearms Legal Protection to provide you a pre-paid legal solution. Offering uncapped criminal and civil defense coverage, expert witness and bail bond coverage, an expert team of self defense attorneys on call 24/7, firearm replacement allowances, Red Flag protection, and so much more, Firearms Legal Protection understands that what you need in a stressful situation is a company of experts that will stand by your side.

In a comparison between the major firearms legal services, we have concluded that FLP is the most cost-effective and full-featured option available on the market today. Take a look at this article that compares FLP to the competitors.


Click the FLP logo above to sign up and sleep better at night knowing that you are protected in any legal use of force. 

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