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What You Need to Know

Every firearm owner needs to understand the importance of familiarity with their equipment. Whether it is your firearm you are carrying for defense, your competition gun for local matches, or even the firearm of a family member that they can't seem to figure out, a foundation of safety and operation is vital for keeping yourself and others safe. These same skills translate across the board for all firearms users! High-level shooters are not magicians, they are simply applying the same fundamental skills with many, many repetitions and high standards of performance.  

FirstLine's BaseLine Handgun course is an 8-hour course that strives to lay that solid foundation of fundamental skills that will provide shooters with the information they need to improve. From responsible gun handling to firearms manipulation, and shooting fundamentals to target identification - BaseLine Handgun leaves students feeling more confident, capable, and comfortable with their use of a handgun. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This class will discuss the safe use of a holster. It is highly recommended that students take the opportunity to learn about safe holster usage - it is not difficult and is a necessary skill for anyone who plans to carry a firearm. However, it is not a requirement. For students who are not interested in learning how to draw from the holster, simply use the code NODRAW when you sign up. This will take $35 off your tuition and let us know that you are not interested in drawing from the holster. The full class is 8 hours with the holster portion making up the last 2 hours, so when it is time to discuss holster draw at the end of the class, we will thank you and let you head home while we finish out the final 2 hours. We think this provides options and makes the class accessible to those who are not ready to take the step of drawing from a holster. 

This class is hosted at a variety of range locations across the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, and can even be hosted in a private setting for a group of friends/family/coworkers. If there is not a class on the schedule that works for you, drop us a line and we will discuss setting up a custom class to fit your needs. 

What You Need to Bring

  • Your range fee (amount will be provided by email before the class)

  • An unloaded handgun in a bag or case*

  • 2+ unloaded magazines (bring more if you have them)

  • At least 250 rounds of ammunition matching your firearm

  • Eye and ear protection 

  • Belt

  • Holster appropriate for your firearm** (inside/outside the waistband only - no crossdraw, off-body carry, or ankle/shoulder holsters) SEE REQUIREMENTS

  • Notepad and pen/pencil

  • Permanent marker

  • Snacks, drinks, and a sack lunch

  • Wear clothing that protects your skin from brass (no low-cut shirts or open-toe shoes)

  • Bring appropriate clothing and equipment for weather conditions (coolers, canopies, sunscreen, handwarmers, etc.)

  • Lawn chair highly recommended

*Handguns and their magazines MUST be unloaded upon entry to the facility. Please leave handguns secured until instructed otherwise.

**If you are not comfortable/interested in drawing from a holster, use code NODRAW to save $35 and remove the holster portion from your class.

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