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What You Need to Know

We want to make your training experience as comfortable and accessible as possible to you as a student. Sometimes this means conducting training in a familiar environment that is convenient for you and your family. Be it your living room, a rented space, your shop building, or the back porch; FirstLine will meet you where you are and provide the LTC course at your convenience. Please visit this link to learn more about the License to Carry class and what is involved.


  • There is a minimum requirement of 5 students for a private class. 

  • For the shooting qualification, we will need a piece of private property that is legal to shoot on and provides at least 15 yards of available distance. This range must provide a backstop sufficient to safely fire on a full-size silhouette target at 3, 7, and 15 yards.

    • If private property is not available, no sweat - we will locate a range that will allow us to use a shooting bay. There will be an administrative fee that will cover the students’ range fees and any other associated expenses.

  • For the classroom lecture portion, we require:

    • A relatively quiet and private space to avoid distractions.

    • Enough seating for all of the students and the instructor. 

      • Tables are a plus but not required. 

    • A TV or projector displaying an image large enough to be readily seen by all students. 

      • The instructor will generally stand off to the side of the screen, so please leave space near the screen for the instructor to stand/move.

      • This TV/projector will need an HDMI connection and a flat surface nearby large enough to fit a laptop. 

    • A functional bathroom and an ability to provide water for students. 

What You Need to Bring

  • An unloaded handgun in a bag or case*

  • 1 unloaded magazine

  • At least 50 rounds of quality ammunition (no steel case), 100 is recommended

  • Eye and ear protection 

  • Your valid Driver License

  • Notepad and pen/pencil

  • Snacks and drinks - we will not break for a long lunch

*Handguns and their magazines MUST be unloaded upon entry to the facility. Traditional handguns and revolvers only - no AR/AK pistols allowed. If shooting a 5-shot revolver instead of a 6-shot, please inform the instructor before the qualification begins.

Interested in hosting FirstLine for an LTC class?

We'd love to help out! Complete the form below and we'll write up a quote. 

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