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Save some time and money by checking out these recommended products from the cadre at FirstLine Development Group. 


Finding the right holster can be a trial-and-error process. Ultimately you are looking for a holster that is comfortable, concealable, accessible, and specifically designed for your method of carry. Consider these options. 

Phlster Enigma: A comprehensive carry solution that is independent of your clothing. Maximum adjustability and concealment.. 

Phlster Enigma Express: A simplified, grab-and-go version of the original Enigma. 

Phlster Floodlight: A near-universal IWB (inside the waistband) holster that bases retention off of the attached weaponlight. 

Phlster Floodlight OWB: An OWB (outside the waistband) version of the original Floodlight. 

Phlster Pro: A fantastic appendix IWB (AIWB) holster for medium to full-size handguns. 

Phlster City Special: The best J-frame/LCR revolver holster on the market. 

Model 6378: A low-profile OWB holster that provides "Level 2" retention with Safariland's ALS locking system.

Model 6354DO: An optics-ready OWB holster that provides "Level 2" retention with Safariland's ALS locking system. 

Model 6360: An OWB holster utilizing Safariland's "Level 3" ALS & SLS locking systems. Ideal for law enforcement, security, and open carry. 

Note: To find out if Safariland offers these holsters for your particular firearm, use the Holster Finder on their website. 

Ironside: A low-profile OWB holster that is ideal for carrying under a jacket or loose shirt. Positioned at 3-5 o'clock.

Sidecar: An AIWB holster that has replaceable attachments, allowing for the carriage of a tourniquet, spare mag, and more. 

VELO: A low-profile AIWB holster that conceals like magic. 

MALUS SOL: An AIWB holster meant for full-size weaponlights.

SAGAX LUX: An AIWB holster meant for sub-compact weaponlights.

CERTUM: Can carry AIWB or 3-4 o'clock and can be customized with or without a sub-compact weaponlight. 

Stealth: A completely customizable AIWB holster with many clip and color options. Quick shipping and reasonable pricing.  

Stealth-LB: A light-bearing version of the Stealth with all the same customization. 

Kimber PB Stealth: A Stealth holster specifically for the "tiny but mighty" Kimber Pepper Blaster. 

Rigel: A light-bearing IWB holster for larger handguns. Very well designed and concealable. 

Hitchhiker: Is thin, modern, and can carry AIWB or 3-4 o'clock with some modifications. 

Orion: A convertible IWB/AIWB holster with all the features and options you would want. 


Flashlights are always a hotly-debated topic. FirstLine always recommends buying the highest-output and highest-performance light that is available to you. Here are some options. 

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